29 September 2007

Bears Preseaon Game vs Norfolk

Thoughts from tonight’s presason game in Hershey:

– Bourque looked great. Scored the first goal less than a minute into the game. Really buzzing around on the PP.

– The Ice was also in pre-season form. Lots of slipping and sliding. When I was in Giant center earlier this week, they were having a food show there and there were hundreds of tables covering the ice. Jay Stewart, at the beginning of the third, slid like 10 feet into the empty Hershey net like he was a bowling ball.

– A couple altercations between Chris McAllister and Brett Angel. In the first fight, McAllister seemed to get tangled up in his new sweater.

– The Bears PK got a lot of work, as the ref seemed to call a lot of hooking penalties.

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