06 October 2007


Whoever decided it was a good idea to get a doo wop group to sing O CANADA tonight for the Leafs/Habs game should be rapped with a cane across the rulers.

To me, no one beats the guy in Ottawa or the guy in Edmonton.

03 October 2007

Bears Game 1: Pens 5, Bears 4

Listened to the game on the computer. Sorry, really don't want to pay $6 a game for B2, at least tonight.

Sounds like a crappy way to end the game -- an own goal in the third period.

Two goals for Bourque.

A goal and a fight for Robitaille. (His first goal was later changed to Bourque)

Arsene made an interesting and opinionated color man for John Walton. I wonder how long that will last.

30 September 2007

Bears Preseason Game vs WBS

-- The Bears rested a good number of their front line players (including Chris Bourque). We'll just say this was a contributing factor for their loss to the WBS Baby Penguins today at Giant Center.

The game was very chippy.

These two teams open the AHL season Wednesday night.

Expect more of the same.

29 September 2007

Bears Preseaon Game vs Norfolk

Thoughts from tonight’s presason game in Hershey:

– Bourque looked great. Scored the first goal less than a minute into the game. Really buzzing around on the PP.

– The Ice was also in pre-season form. Lots of slipping and sliding. When I was in Giant center earlier this week, they were having a food show there and there were hundreds of tables covering the ice. Jay Stewart, at the beginning of the third, slid like 10 feet into the empty Hershey net like he was a bowling ball.

– A couple altercations between Chris McAllister and Brett Angel. In the first fight, McAllister seemed to get tangled up in his new sweater.

– The Bears PK got a lot of work, as the ref seemed to call a lot of hooking penalties.

25 September 2007

All is right in Chocolate Town

made the trek up to Giant Center and got my Bears season tickets today.


Season starts next week, but the first home game is not for a few weeks.

23 September 2007

caps win first pre-seaon game

Wash over Tampa Bay

listened to part of the game on the Caps' website, with Vogs doing color on the broadcast. Check out his blog for more about last night's game.

Bears beat Baby Pens in first pre-season game

Tim Leone's story in today's Patriot-News.

20 September 2007

Camp is open!

Washington Capitals camp began a few days ago.

Hershey Bears camp started today. We hope to make it up there one day next week.

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn.


19 September 2007

Jose out at Chelsea?

Apparently so.

Guess that draw in the Champions League was a bigger deal than some thought.

07 September 2007

Rugby world Cup

you can see it on Versus. Yes, the channel no one can find during hockey season.


I guess the New zealand all blacks are the favorite.

05 September 2007

How about those Nats?

Win # 63 tonight.

This clinches a season where they will not lose 100 games.

At the beginning of the season, not many people would have believed that.

01 September 2007

Cue Nelson

Hey Big Blue...

HA HA ~!

20 August 2007

RIP Wild Bill Hagy

from the Baltimore Sun:

The Orioles organization is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of "Wild Bill" Hagy. While leading cheers from "The Roar from 34" at Memorial Stadium, Wild Bill became a Baltimore institution. He was one of the great characters of the Baltimore sports landscape and was a true die-hard Orioles fan, supporting the club year in and year out. He will be missed by everyone who knew him and by everyone for whom he led the "O-R-I-O-L-E-S" cheer. All of us in the Orioles organization extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

A moment of silence will be held in his memory before tonight's Orioles-Rangers game. William G. Hagy was 68 years old.

15 August 2007

Wings' new sweater

from the freep

thankfully, no real break from tradition. I can live with the "c" on the other side of the jersey.

NHL TV Schedule is out


What a surprise.

Lots of Penguins games on NBC.

"In Canada, CBC’s “Hockey Night In Canada” on Thursday, Oct. 4 presents a special mid-week doubleheader beginning at 7 p.m. ET with the Ottawa Senators hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs in Ottawa, followed by the Philadelphia Flyers taking on the Flames in Calgary at 10 p.m. ET. The remainder of CBC’s 85-game broadcast schedule includes 18 regional match-ups, 23 all-Canadian match-ups, 10 afternoon games, Saturday night doubleheaders all season long, seven tripleheaders, the All-Star Game and more games than ever available in HD."

10 August 2007

Futbol season is here.

The (insert Sponsor's name here) Premier League starts tomorrow. i would have tried to write a preview, but I've been out of town.

sadly, I think ManU will win again. Too many injuries for Chelsea will put them behind the eight-ball before the season is six weeks old.

Last year, I picked DerbyCounty as my (sponsor's name) Championship team and now they are up in the Premier League. Well, for now. Most pundits think they are the odds on favorite to be relegated. I'd like to disagree, but it's hard to argue.

Go Toffees.

25 July 2007

How to name your fantasy team

from kissing suzy kolber

I'm feeling the pressure this year with a name. Last year, in love with Adam Carolla's morning show, our leagues had Aceman-related names: Attack Crows and Helmet is not a Chair.

This year, not sure yet. No Michael Vick names though.

24 July 2007

more hockey TV news

from today's Globe and Mail:

* reduced roles for Cole and Neale on HNIC
* a revamp of Hot Stove Intermission
* no pre-game show for NBC

19 July 2007

CBC re-ups mike vets

from CBC.ca:

Hall of Fame play-by-play commentator Bob Cole and analyst Harry Neale will be back on Hockey Night in Canada next season.

CBC Sports confirmed Thursday that both agreed to two-year contracts, extending a partnership which began in 1985.

18 July 2007

RIP Dave Fay

Washington Times hockey writer David Fay passed away at the age of 67 from cancer.

Many great tributes today. Check out some of the blog links on the right.

08 July 2007

First, the America's Cup.

Now, Wimbledon.

Give it up for the cuckoo clock-makers.

25 June 2007

RIP Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit and his family were found dead this afternoon in suburban Atlanta.

17 June 2007

Good news

According to the Vancouver Sun, Brett Hull is done on NBC.

Yippee. Skippee.

14 June 2007

NHL can't win for losing

due to a problem with the feed, VS is now going to be showing the NHL Awards show on tape delay. Instead of Martin Brodeur and Sidney Crosby, we get an MMA show.

When it rains, it pours.

get your Hamilton Preds tix?

From Jamie Mirtle's blog:

Season Ticket deposits for Hamilton being taken

The new fixutres are in. The new fixtures are in.

2007-2008 EPL SCHEDULE

from Premier League.com

08 June 2007

Don't Talk about Fight Camp

From the Regina post, via Jamie Mirtle's Blog:

Fight Camp

"REGINA - When Aaron and Derek Boogaard take a wannabe tough guy to school, they usually do it on the ice.

The venue switched to the classroom this week when the Boogaard brothers - who make the Hansons of Slapshot fame look like lightweights - staged their inaugural hockey fighting camp at a Regina training centre."

29 May 2007

What if they played a game and no one came?

From the Globe and Mail, an article showing just how few papers are covering the Stanley Cup finals.


20 May 2007

20 May live report -- Hershey PA

hershey bears vs manchester monarchs

game 2 -- AHL Conference playoffs

what a horribly referee job tonight by tonight's official. Manchester penalties - 7. Hershey penalties -14.

Fortunately for the Bears, they only gave up 1 goal on the PP and it was 5-on-3. there was a lot of those tonight, probably at least five.

Not surprisingly, the fans let referee Dean Morton hear it all night long. There were a couple "BULLSHIT" chants the other night against WBS, but there were double or triple that amount tonight. And who can blame the hometown fans when they see such an unbalanced show of officiating.

Bears D Dean Arsene was making up for lost time tonight, after missing most of the playoffs so far. He was hitting anything that moved and was really hot under the coller a couple times over the ticky-tack calls made by the referee.

The three stars of the game tonight were:

1. HER - M. Green
2. HER - F. Cassivi
3. HER - D. Steckel

Hard to argue with any of those.

Monarch's goalie looked poor again today, but was not nearly the sieve he was in game one. On the other hand, Freddy Cassivi made a bunch of great saves, again magnified by all the short-handed situations tonight.

Game 3 is Wednesday night in New Hampshire. The series only comes back to Hersey
for games 6 and 7 and it doesn't look like that is very likely.

In the other series, Hamilton has won the first two games on the road against Chicago.

It appears that the Calder Cup will be a rematch of the 1997 Finals, won by Hershey over Hamilton 4 games to 1.

19 May 2007

Bye Bye Buffalo

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

13 May 2007

He loves only Gold

IIHF World Championship -- Canada 4, Finland 2.

Relegation Day

Wigan saves itself from relegation by beating Sheffield United.

So, how do things shake out?

Champions League -- the big four (Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal)

Europe -- Spurs, Everton, Bolton

Intertoto -- Blackburn

Relegation -- Sheffield United, Charlton, Watford

11 May 2007

Hershey 7, WBS 6 (OT) live notes

live notes from the game

-- possibly the sloppiest playoff game I have ever seen in person. at least 1/2 the goals (on both sides) could be categorized as "very soft."

-- so many penalties. lots of "BULLSH**" from the crowd, led by someone on the scoreboard. My friend who was with me is from Philly and said "if we did that and tey showed it on the scoreboard, there would be sportswriters complaining for a week."

-- good game by Barney (Hat trick) and Fleishmann (5 points). Bourque was also his usually grippy self.

-- WBS has an agitator (#28) who is near the equal of Robitaille.

06 May 2007

Oh, the humanity

Goodbye, Smurfs. You will not be missed.

Go Sens Go!

01 May 2007

1 May Champions League

Stupid Chelsea.

I will now root for Liverpool (sadly) vs. the winner of ManU/Milan.

What a bad Everton fan I am.

29 April 2007

Choking Dogs

Derby County loses and gives up the chance for automatic promotion to the Premiership. Sunderland (with Roy Keane) and Birmingham will make the jump next year.

Fulham remains a relegation candidate after losing to Arsenal today.

Take that, barbaro

Thank you, Smurfs and Banana Slugs, for playing 2OT and removing a tribute to a dead horse from our TV screens.

Glad it was a good OT, since I couldn't decide who I wanted to win, since I hate both teams.

Coming up soon... Ducks and Canucks.

24 April 2007

Round Two Predictions

1. Buffalo Sabres in 6
4. Ottawa Senators in 6

1. Detroit Red Wings in 7
2. Anaheim Ducks in 5

Champions League

Man U vs AC Milan

I would be great if neither team could win.

23 April 2007

Game Seven -- the first of the season

I guess I'm rooting for Vancouver tonight.

Vancouver is a Canadian team.
Dallas employs Eric Lindros.

On the other hand, if Dallas wins, we get CHEECHOO vs. TEEMU. (thank you Dave Dameshek)

18 April 2007

Playoff Report -- 18 April -- ALB @ HER

quick game report

Hershey played like crap for 2 periods, trailing 2-1 to Albany going into the third.

Then, they outshot albany 20-2 in the third, scoring the tie and gw goals.

best thing all night was dave steckel scoring a 3 on 5 SH goal to start the 2nd period.

worst thing all night was some of the bears sporting Mohawks and (curse you Sanjaya) Faux Hawks.

15 April 2007

I'm sailing away...

The America's Cup starts tomorrow.


No Aussie boat this time around. We won lots of money betting on Kookaburra once upon a time.

Sunday 15 April games

* Is Detroit that good or is Calgary already looking for tee times? As a Wings fan, I should have more faith, but there have been too many first-round upsets for my liking.

* Ottawa reclaims home-ice advantage.

* Anaheim wins again. My pick of Minnesota in 7 is alive, but barely.

* Hooray. Versus is picking up the CBC feed of the Vancouver/Dallas game. Too bad we won't get to see Grapes or Kelly Hrudey during intermission.