29 May 2007

What if they played a game and no one came?

From the Globe and Mail, an article showing just how few papers are covering the Stanley Cup finals.


20 May 2007

20 May live report -- Hershey PA

hershey bears vs manchester monarchs

game 2 -- AHL Conference playoffs

what a horribly referee job tonight by tonight's official. Manchester penalties - 7. Hershey penalties -14.

Fortunately for the Bears, they only gave up 1 goal on the PP and it was 5-on-3. there was a lot of those tonight, probably at least five.

Not surprisingly, the fans let referee Dean Morton hear it all night long. There were a couple "BULLSHIT" chants the other night against WBS, but there were double or triple that amount tonight. And who can blame the hometown fans when they see such an unbalanced show of officiating.

Bears D Dean Arsene was making up for lost time tonight, after missing most of the playoffs so far. He was hitting anything that moved and was really hot under the coller a couple times over the ticky-tack calls made by the referee.

The three stars of the game tonight were:

1. HER - M. Green
2. HER - F. Cassivi
3. HER - D. Steckel

Hard to argue with any of those.

Monarch's goalie looked poor again today, but was not nearly the sieve he was in game one. On the other hand, Freddy Cassivi made a bunch of great saves, again magnified by all the short-handed situations tonight.

Game 3 is Wednesday night in New Hampshire. The series only comes back to Hersey
for games 6 and 7 and it doesn't look like that is very likely.

In the other series, Hamilton has won the first two games on the road against Chicago.

It appears that the Calder Cup will be a rematch of the 1997 Finals, won by Hershey over Hamilton 4 games to 1.

19 May 2007

Bye Bye Buffalo

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

13 May 2007

He loves only Gold

IIHF World Championship -- Canada 4, Finland 2.

Relegation Day

Wigan saves itself from relegation by beating Sheffield United.

So, how do things shake out?

Champions League -- the big four (Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal)

Europe -- Spurs, Everton, Bolton

Intertoto -- Blackburn

Relegation -- Sheffield United, Charlton, Watford

11 May 2007

Hershey 7, WBS 6 (OT) live notes

live notes from the game

-- possibly the sloppiest playoff game I have ever seen in person. at least 1/2 the goals (on both sides) could be categorized as "very soft."

-- so many penalties. lots of "BULLSH**" from the crowd, led by someone on the scoreboard. My friend who was with me is from Philly and said "if we did that and tey showed it on the scoreboard, there would be sportswriters complaining for a week."

-- good game by Barney (Hat trick) and Fleishmann (5 points). Bourque was also his usually grippy self.

-- WBS has an agitator (#28) who is near the equal of Robitaille.

06 May 2007

Oh, the humanity

Goodbye, Smurfs. You will not be missed.

Go Sens Go!

01 May 2007

1 May Champions League

Stupid Chelsea.

I will now root for Liverpool (sadly) vs. the winner of ManU/Milan.

What a bad Everton fan I am.