09 February 2008

Hockey Day in Canada


My favorite hockey day of the year.

Had to buy the one day Center Ice package (dont have the regular package this year).

Some of the better-known hockey/comics/nerdverse connections:

* Although people always associate PEANUTS with baseball, St. Paul native Charles Schulz was a big hockey enthusiast, owning a rink in Southern California and was even inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame in 1993.

* Todd McFarlane used to a partial owner of the NHL Edmonton Oilers and even designed their one of their alternate logos. And there was the Tony Twist Lawsuit.

* James Kolchaka and the Zambonis’ song “Hockey Monkey.”

* Hockey is a big part of Kevin Smith’s View Askew Universe, from playing rooftop hockey in CLERKS to the skating demons in DOGMA.

We know there are more but it’s almost time for the prime-time games to start on CBC. Gotta go.

04 February 2008

Good Night, Coach Knight

If you are indeed gone this time, au revoir.

Trivia Note:

I broadcast two games on the campus radio station as a freshman at Indiana. They ended up being Knight's 500th win and Knight's 400th win at Indiana.

great coach, yes.

big jerk, yes.

I was a benefit of his donation his shoe contract money to the IU Library, yes.