06 October 2007


Whoever decided it was a good idea to get a doo wop group to sing O CANADA tonight for the Leafs/Habs game should be rapped with a cane across the rulers.

To me, no one beats the guy in Ottawa or the guy in Edmonton.

03 October 2007

Bears Game 1: Pens 5, Bears 4

Listened to the game on the computer. Sorry, really don't want to pay $6 a game for B2, at least tonight.

Sounds like a crappy way to end the game -- an own goal in the third period.

Two goals for Bourque.

A goal and a fight for Robitaille. (His first goal was later changed to Bourque)

Arsene made an interesting and opinionated color man for John Walton. I wonder how long that will last.