25 July 2007

How to name your fantasy team

from kissing suzy kolber

I'm feeling the pressure this year with a name. Last year, in love with Adam Carolla's morning show, our leagues had Aceman-related names: Attack Crows and Helmet is not a Chair.

This year, not sure yet. No Michael Vick names though.

24 July 2007

more hockey TV news

from today's Globe and Mail:

* reduced roles for Cole and Neale on HNIC
* a revamp of Hot Stove Intermission
* no pre-game show for NBC

19 July 2007

CBC re-ups mike vets

from CBC.ca:

Hall of Fame play-by-play commentator Bob Cole and analyst Harry Neale will be back on Hockey Night in Canada next season.

CBC Sports confirmed Thursday that both agreed to two-year contracts, extending a partnership which began in 1985.

18 July 2007

RIP Dave Fay

Washington Times hockey writer David Fay passed away at the age of 67 from cancer.

Many great tributes today. Check out some of the blog links on the right.

08 July 2007

First, the America's Cup.

Now, Wimbledon.

Give it up for the cuckoo clock-makers.