25 June 2007

RIP Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit and his family were found dead this afternoon in suburban Atlanta.

17 June 2007

Good news

According to the Vancouver Sun, Brett Hull is done on NBC.

Yippee. Skippee.

14 June 2007

NHL can't win for losing

due to a problem with the feed, VS is now going to be showing the NHL Awards show on tape delay. Instead of Martin Brodeur and Sidney Crosby, we get an MMA show.

When it rains, it pours.

get your Hamilton Preds tix?

From Jamie Mirtle's blog:

Season Ticket deposits for Hamilton being taken

The new fixutres are in. The new fixtures are in.

2007-2008 EPL SCHEDULE

from Premier League.com

08 June 2007

Don't Talk about Fight Camp

From the Regina post, via Jamie Mirtle's Blog:

Fight Camp

"REGINA - When Aaron and Derek Boogaard take a wannabe tough guy to school, they usually do it on the ice.

The venue switched to the classroom this week when the Boogaard brothers - who make the Hansons of Slapshot fame look like lightweights - staged their inaugural hockey fighting camp at a Regina training centre."