29 April 2007

Choking Dogs

Derby County loses and gives up the chance for automatic promotion to the Premiership. Sunderland (with Roy Keane) and Birmingham will make the jump next year.

Fulham remains a relegation candidate after losing to Arsenal today.

Take that, barbaro

Thank you, Smurfs and Banana Slugs, for playing 2OT and removing a tribute to a dead horse from our TV screens.

Glad it was a good OT, since I couldn't decide who I wanted to win, since I hate both teams.

Coming up soon... Ducks and Canucks.

24 April 2007

Round Two Predictions

1. Buffalo Sabres in 6
4. Ottawa Senators in 6

1. Detroit Red Wings in 7
2. Anaheim Ducks in 5

Champions League

Man U vs AC Milan

I would be great if neither team could win.

23 April 2007

Game Seven -- the first of the season

I guess I'm rooting for Vancouver tonight.

Vancouver is a Canadian team.
Dallas employs Eric Lindros.

On the other hand, if Dallas wins, we get CHEECHOO vs. TEEMU. (thank you Dave Dameshek)

18 April 2007

Playoff Report -- 18 April -- ALB @ HER

quick game report

Hershey played like crap for 2 periods, trailing 2-1 to Albany going into the third.

Then, they outshot albany 20-2 in the third, scoring the tie and gw goals.

best thing all night was dave steckel scoring a 3 on 5 SH goal to start the 2nd period.

worst thing all night was some of the bears sporting Mohawks and (curse you Sanjaya) Faux Hawks.

15 April 2007

I'm sailing away...

The America's Cup starts tomorrow.


No Aussie boat this time around. We won lots of money betting on Kookaburra once upon a time.

Sunday 15 April games

* Is Detroit that good or is Calgary already looking for tee times? As a Wings fan, I should have more faith, but there have been too many first-round upsets for my liking.

* Ottawa reclaims home-ice advantage.

* Anaheim wins again. My pick of Minnesota in 7 is alive, but barely.

* Hooray. Versus is picking up the CBC feed of the Vancouver/Dallas game. Too bad we won't get to see Grapes or Kelly Hrudey during intermission.